Community Events

All dates are for 2018
Sunday 28th January
Holocaust Memorial Day event 7:00 pm

Saturday 3rd February
WIZO at home Quiz 7:00 pm

Thursday 1st March
Purim in the Palace 5:00 pm

Sunday 20th May 2018
Shavuot Brunch 11:00 am

Sunday 10th June
LHC AGM 10:00 am

Friday 30th March
1st Seder Night
Saturday 31st March
Communal Seder

Monday 1st October 2018
Simchat Torah Grand Kiddush & Dance 

Tuesday 2nd October 2018
Simchat Torah Lunch

Sunday 2nd December 2018
First Night Chanukah
Leicester Communal Chanukah Lighting Town Hall

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