The Bulletin

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February 2020. Some people have commented that “there’s not much in the Bulletin and that if it wasn’t for the Rabbi’s stories, there would be virtually nothing.” OK – I take your point, but unless you give me something to work on and/or print, there’s not much that I can do about it.
So, as I have asked before, if there’s anything you would like to see, then give me a clue. Tu b’Shvat is on 10 February – a month after which is Purim AND a month after that is Pesach. I know, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun.
Closing date for the March issue is Wednesday 19th February.

January 2020. Hello everyone and a warm welcome to 2020. Now that the elections are over and Brexit is wherever Brexit is, let’s hope the pressures and worries of 2019 are some way behind us.
When you come to Shul, I hope you take a little walk further up Highfield Street so that you can see for yourselves the progress that is being made. It’s beginning to look amazing and that’s even with the scaffolding still in place. Every month, I report our progress to the Heritage Fund so they know exactly what is going on and that, if things are a little late, it’s not for want of trying. I hope you are coping with the dark nights and the somewhat cool weather and I hope that, if you were there, you thoroughly enjoyed the Chanukah Services – with thanks to the Rabbi and Rivkie; don’t forget the Rabbi did not have his boys to help him set up, so thanks to the guys in the Community who helped and of course, to the ladies who set up all the food, yum. Take care – see you in February.
Closing date for the February issue is Monday 20th January.


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